Aarhus Bryghus assortment of beer



klosterbryg-aarhus-bryghusAarhus Bryghus Kolosterbryg is the very first beer, we ever produced. It was actually brewed for the first time around 1999, at an event, at the open-air museum “Øm Kloster Museum”. The museum is on the site of an old monastery. The Danish king took possession of all monasteries, during the Reformation. in 1556 he sent a scribe to the monastary to record, what he had taken over. The records show, that there at the monastary were three separate breweries: One for the abbey, one for the 200 monks, and one for the small infirmery. The monks had in their cellar more than 20.000 litres of beer, enough for 2 weeks consumption.

To put focus on the huge consumption of beer in the Middle Ages, the museum put up an exhibition about food and drink in that time. We were responsible for the beer part and brewed a beer on the grounds, thus the name Klosterbryg (Abbey Beer).

Klosterbryg is a fusion of an English Strong Ale and a Danish Strong Lager at 6%. It is brewed with the finest English hops, Fuggles and East Kent Goldings, yet fermented with a Danish bottom-fermenting strain of yeast. The result is a delicate, gentle beer with beautiful hints of orange and clementine.

You can buy a keg of Klosterbryg or/and rent a draft beer unit at our brewery





Sølvpilen or ‘The silver arrow’ is a belgian style strong ale at 10% alc. It is a tribute to the fine old Danish express trains.

It is brewed with a typical Belgian top-fermenting yeast, intended as a companion to a fish dish or a good ripened cheese.



Imperial Stout

imperial-stout-aarhus-bryghusAarhus Bryghus Imperial Stout is a traditional Baltic Stout at 8%. The smoothness in the beer stems from the exclusive use of aroma-hops and a generous dose of cane sugar.imperial-stout-aarhus-bryghus

The taste of Aarhus Brewery Stout is thick and bold. Although it is a heavy beer, it is not the hops that are dominant. This makes it easier to drink, than many other dark beers. There is also a slight sweetness from the cane sugar, that is balanced with hops. In time, the bitterness from the hops subside, and the sweetness will dominate.


The Imperial Stout will age and mellow with time. The young Stout goes well with red meat, while the Stout after a couple of years loses much of the bitterness and goes well with a rich chocolate cake.

You can buy a keg of Imperial Stout or/and rent a draft beer unit at our brewery


Extra Pilsner

extra-pilsner-aarhus-bryghusAarhus Extra Pilsner is an International Pilsner, brewed exclusively with mild aroma-hops. It was launched as unfiltered beer to Denmark’s Ugliest Festival as “Denmark’s Ugliest Pilsner – with the greatest taste”

The pilsner at 5% is slightly stronger than traditional Danish pilsners, and as a filtered beer, it is known as the ‘Aarhus Extra Pilsner’. It was crowned by the Exchange at a blind tasting of 38 different Danish lager beer to the 3rd best lager in Denmark.
In the case of a beer with 5% alcohol, brewed from pilsner malt, wheat malt and caramel malt. It is like the other beers from Aarhus Brewery exclusively with hoppy aroma hops. Humlingen inspired by the Czech beer, and therefore this beer more bitter than the usual Danish lager.

You can buy a keg of Extra Pilsner or/and rent a draft beer unit at our brewery


Jazz Classicjazz-classic-aarhus-bryghus

Jazz Classic is a pleasant, dark, classic type at 5 % alc.. It is easily accessible with a balanced bitterness, only spiced with the aromatic hops ‘Perle’.

Only on tap at our bar at Friday, or you can buy a keg or/and rent a draft beer unit at our brewery


Jazz Classic is brewed specifically for the tent of the ‘Fodvarmeriet’, at Aarhus Jazz Festival 2011.


Sweet Temptation

Sweet temptation skåret til

Sweet Temptation is a dessert beer at 12 % alc. It is an Imperial Stout, which has been added our own Spirit of Aarhus, and cherry juice, to give the beer a sweetnes.

It can be enjoyed as the dessert or accompany it.






Black Monster

black-monster-aarhus-bryghus1Black Monster is a development of our very popular Imperial Stout. Imperial Stout is a dark beer of 8%. It has been proven again and again that with this beer has hit a segment of consumers who appreciate the mild taste of this heavy beer.black-monster-aarhus-bryghus

Aarhus Brewery Black Monster 10% is brewed from the best malts and the most precious aroma hops. Afterwards, the beer is stored in rum barrels. After the first storing, the beer is returned to the tank to storage, with added oak chips and fresh hops.
The taste of this exotic beer are stronger, marked especially by the rum and the extra added aroma hops in the storage tank.
There are tapped an extremely limited edition of this exclusive beers, which from today will be available at the brewery. We will then begin distribution exclusively to the specialist trade and a few restaurateurs in Århus.


Sweet Georgia Brown

sweet-georgia-brown-aarhus-bryghusAarhus Bryghus Sweet Georgia Brown was made to the tent of ‘Fodvarmeriet’ at the jazz festival in Aarhus, Summer 2009.
It is brewed and fermented inspired by the English brown ales, but is bottom fermented.


The result is a beer of 5.5%, which is dark, rich and slightly sweet, which dresses the bitterness of the dark malts and the English aroma hops.




India Pale Ale

india-pale-ale-aarhus-bryghusAarhus Bryghus Inda Pale Ale is a traditional India Pale Ale at 6 % alc., as they are presently brewed on the US West Coast. This golden ale is hopped with 5 different hops: English Fuggles and East Kent, Goldings, German Cascade, Perle and American Mosaic.

All hops are aroma hops. Most are added in the kettle prior to cooling, and 20% are added as “dry-hops” to the filtered cold beer just before bottling.

Enjoy this beer with all the aromatic hop oils by itself or with a dish of Asiatic food prepared in a wok with ginger, garlic and red peppers.

You can buy a keg of India Pale Ale or/and rent a draft beer unit at our brewery



celebration-aarhus-bryghusAarhus Bryghus Celebration at 6,5 % alc. was produced for our 5-years anniversary in 2010. It is something as unusual as a bottom-fermented IPA.

The hops are German Perle and Cascade, English Fuggles and East Kent Goldings. The hops combined, creates a velvety, pleasant bitterness, just when the beer enters the mouth. Afterwards comes a taste balance of the of hops and darker malts.

We find this beer suitable for strongly, flavored meat dishes.

The beer is mild and pleasant, without beeing a hop bomb.



Fregatten Jylland

Aarhus Bryghus Fregatten Jylland is strong bottom-fermented golden beer at 8 % alc. It is brewed in cooperation with the museum ship ‘Fregatten Jylland’, based in Ebeltoft. fregatten-jylland-aarhus-bryghus

As the beer was launched, during an apple festival in Ebeltoft, we used apples in the brewing process. Apple juice is added to the copper, the juices are fermented and the residual acidity from the apples helps to balance the sweetness of such a strong beer.

The flavor can best be described as a “winter-warmer”, something that warm up the body, in a cold time.

Enjoy a powerful stew, for example with venison and mushrooms, or drink it as a seaman diet with a glass of dark rum!


Old strong ale

Old Strong AleAarhus Bryghus Old Strong Ale is brewed with a small proportion of smoked malt from the museum brewery and maltings ‘Den Gamle By’  (The old town) in Aarhus.

We recommend a visit to the brewery, where a reconstruction of the brewery in a scale 1:20 is working and producing malt and beers, as they were made 200 years ago. As the sprouted barley is dried over an open fire, the malt is smoked. The Strong Ale or Stock Ale as it also was called, was used many hundreds of years ago to mix with the much weaker ales, when they went sour. Today we enjoy it on its own.

Aarhus Brewery Old Strong Ale is a golden, majestically beer, spiced with classic English hops, with 8 % Alc.

Season beer

You can buy all of our season beers* as a keg or/and rent a draft beer unit, at our brewery


Blondie is our suggestion to a fresh summer beer, with 5 % alc. This is a classic English Pale Ale, flavored with a small amount of lime and hops flowers from Fuggles and East Kent Goldings variants, two of the most known hops.

The fresh beer is mild and gentle, and you will quickly get calm in the company of a Blondie. .


Forårsbryg/Spring brew

Foraarsbryg-Aarhus-BryghusForårsbryg 7 % alc. is a tribute to the sun and the emerging spring. The bright floral and fruity beer is bursting with glorious German aroma hops. The Hops named ‘Perle’ are used both as the base hops and “late kettle hops”. The beer is fermented warm to further cultivate the fruity notes.

Serve it at 6 to 8 degrees in large goblets. Enjoy it as it is in a sunny corner with spring’s first sun. Spring Brew is excellent accompanying the Easter table, with fish and light meat dishes.



julebryg-aarhus-bryghusJulebryg / Christmas Brew

Aarhus Bryghus Julebryg at 6% is the mild of our two Christmas seasonals. It is a Danish Christmas tradition to stick cloves in an orange and hang it from a silk ribbon. Imagine the orange hanging over the fermentation vessel and the ribbon bursting, and you get Julebryg. The acidity of the orange juice freshens up the beer. The cloves are just as discreet as they are in all the traditional Danish cold luncheon dishes, where it seems cloves are in almost every dish.

The beer thus is extremely suitable as an accompaniment to the Danish Christmas luncheon or for the unformal get-togethers that are so popular at Christmas time.



juletoenden-aarhus-bryghusAarhus Bryghus Juletønden (the Chrismas Barrel) is the stronger of our two Christmas seasonals. At 8% it goes very well with the traditional Danish Christmas dinner: Duck, goose or pork roast with white and brown potatoes, red beet kraut, loads of thick gravy and finally pickled cucumbers. The fat and acetic meal kills any wine. It has always been tradition in Denmark to drink beer.

The beer helps digest the greasy food. The carbon dioxide also helps.

In Danish households everyone drank beer, and every household would brew their own beer. The beer for Christmas was brewed especially, and every household would brew the best they could for Christmas. This beer was called the Christmas Barrel

*This beer is only available in bottles.


Assortment of liqour


Danish malt Whiskey

whiskey-aarhus-bryghusIn 2012 the consumer organization Danish Beer Enthusiasts awarded Aarhus Bryghus their regional award. The small sum that followed with the award was immediately invested in cognac barrels for storing beer. The beer was a potent Imperial Stout at 10% called Black Monster.

We brewed a strong beer specially designed for distilling. This beer was distilled at Mellerup, at the Enghaven distillery and the spirit was stored in the barrels after use for Black Monster.

Now 3 years later we have emptied the first cask. Spirit of Aarhus is a whisky at 43%, the first whisky ever to be produced in Aarhus.

We have since every year purchased more casks, stored our Black Monster in them, and afterwards stored spirit in the casks. Thus this is the first of many bottles of fine whisky.

Spirit of Aarhus

Aarhus Bryghus - Spirit og AarhusSpirit of Aarhus started as a project, when “De danske ølentusiaster” (danish Beer Enthusiasts) gave us “Den regionale Ølpris” (A beer Award). With the award, followed a moderst amount of money. We chose to use the award,  to buy used oak barrels, and apply them both to beer, partly to store distilled beer on. The distilled beer, we choosed to call “Spirit of Aarhus”.

We shipped the barrels to the distillery Enghaven in Mellerup. At the same time, we brewed a very strong beer of 11 % of alc.. This brew is, after fermentation and storage, sent to Mellerup, where the beer is distilled to 77 % alcohol. The alcohol is adjusted to 60% and placed on cognac barrels.

Of this distillate, there has been tapped two portions alcohol, in November 2013 and March 2014

– Spirit of Aarhus, is collected and adjusted to 40% alcohol.

– Spirit of Aarhus 40% with oak split from “Fregatten Jylland”. Each bottle is added a oak split of timber from the shipyard. This timber has been, and air dried for many years. It is normally used to repair damage on the ship. The timber is expected to release tannin, color and flavor to the alcohol.


Liquor of Aarhusliquor-of-aarhus

Besides whiskey, and Spirit of Aarhus, we also produce a whiskey liqueur, based on the Spirit of Aarhus. Liquor of Aarhus is a spicy, orange liqueur, inspired by Drambuie and Cointreau. It is 30 %, packed in tall, slim 35 cl bottles